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Towford Area - A Study Guide

The Towford Outdoor Education Centre was one of five small unstaffed centres in the Scottish Borders Council area, under the control of the Councilsí Education Department. To meet budgetary constraints Towford alongwith three of the other Centres was closed by the Council in 1996. Prior to closure The Craigvinean Outdoor Centre Trust had entered into negotiations with representatives of Scottish Borders Council to take over the Centre. In April 1997 it reopened for regular use throughout the year - it is open to booking by any established group seeking to use it for purposes of Outdoor Education or Activities.

Enquiries should be addressed to:

The Craigvinean Outdoor Centre Trust
c/o Volunteer Centre East Lothian
98 North High Street
East Lothian
EH21 6AS

Telephone 0131 665 3300

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