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Our Centres & How They Compare

Centre Strathyre Centre Towford Centre
Area Southern Highlands
8 miles N of Callander
Cheviot Hills
12 miles SE of Jedburgh
OS Grid Ref. NN 558 190 (OS Sheet 57)
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NT 759 133 (OS Sheet 80)
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Site Size 1 acre 17 acres
Site Comments The Strathyre Centre is on a compact site ideally situated for access to the Southern Highlands, Lochs Earn, Lubnaig, Voil. Isolated location. Most of the site is designated as a nature reserve. Extensive scope for field studies, Duke of Edinburghs' Award expeditions and training.
Capacity 30 in Centre 28 in Centre with a reasonable camping area.
Breakdown of Centre Sleeping Accommodation 2 rooms of 9
2 rooms of 6
2 rooms of 10
1 room of 6
1 room of 2
Facilities 6 toilets, 6 showers, 8 basins 2 showers, 3 toilets, 5 basins
Kitchen 2 electric cookers - 8 space hob, 2 ovens, 2 grills, microwave, 3 sinks, fridge & freezer. 2 electric cookers - 8 space hob, 2 ovens, 2 grills, microwave, 2 sinks, fridge & freezer.
Other Rooms Hall, Leaders Room, Garage, Wet & Dry Rooms Hall, Externally accessible Drying Room.
Heating Gas Central Heating Electric
Availability All Year All Year (Restrictions during lambing season)
Costs (including Value Added Tax) X.00 Centre X.00 Centre
X.00 Camping*
Minimum per night X.00 (18 people) X.00 (15 people)
Non-returnable booking deposit (if required) X.00 X.00